Let’s put an end to child abuse in East Texas

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Our Mission

We are in need of general supplies to keep our office going while we serve children in need, and the adults who rescue them.

To serve child victims of sexual and physical abuse, minimizing their trauma through a team approach in a child-friendly environment.

We believe the eradication of child abuse begins with building informed, empowered communities standing ready to embrace this issue with courage, making it a top priority.

Be One with courage

Meet Our staff

Deanna Wallace

Executive Director and pilot, with a soaring passion for fighting

child abuse

Hope in action

Becky Brown

Victim Advocate/Admin Coordinator, giving unparalleled support to children and families

Madelyne Navarro

Program Assistant, providing stellar office support and Volunteer Program guidance.

Candy Hartman

Forensic Interviewer, specialist in leading Multidisciplinary Teams and helping kids in need

Norma Sanford

SANE Program Director, giving first-class care to child and adult victims of sexual assault

Annie Myers

Program Specialist and Forensic Interviewer, gifted grant writer and event organizer

Ashley Cook

Community Education Director, dedicated to prevention, parenting and public relations

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